The Memorial Foundation awards grants to nonprofit organizations that provide services to people who live in the geographic area served by Nashville Memorial Hospital. Requests for support outside this area are not considered.

An applicant organization must be exempt from federal taxation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and not be a private foundation as described in Section 509(a) in order to be eligible.

Organizations must have a full and updated GivingMatters.com profile to be considered for funding.

The Foundation prefers to make grants that will have a significant and lasting impact on a group as well as its community. The Foundation places special emphasis on assisting data-driven, trauma-informed organizations that focus on:

  • Access to Quality Health Care Services (e.g., physical & mental health; wellness programs)
  • Human & Social Services (e.g., families & children; immigrants & refugees; domestic violence & sexual abuse survivors; veterans; people experiencing homelessness; people in crisis)
  • Education
  • Youth and Childhood Development
  • Senior Citizen Enrichment Services
  • Substance Abuse Recovery
  • Community Services

Requests for capital projects and general operating support are eligible for consideration. An organization should be able to demonstrate a broad base of financial support for a proposed grant  prior to asking for support from the Foundation. Requests for start-up projects may be considered for new initiatives that address important, unmet community needs and demonstrate a potential for ongoing operational support from other sources.

The Memorial Foundation does NOT fund grants for the following:

  • individuals;
  • newsletters, magazines;
  • churches and religious organizations for projects that primarily benefit their own members (exception: church-based programs with broad community support and separate financial statements);
  • disease-specific organizations seeking support for national research projects and programs;
  • Advertising or sponsorship of events;
  • legislative lobbying or other political purposes;
  • retire accumulated debt;
  • bricks and mortar capital projects for colleges, universities, and private/public school education;
  • multi-year grants for operating funds.

The Foundation’s Board of Trustees has the ultimate discretion and may give final approval for any grants that are funded outside these guidelines.

The Foundation’s fiscal year is on the calendar year. The Board of Trustees meets throughout the year to fulfill its responsibilities in approving grants for nonprofit organizations.

All organizations requesting grants are subject to a review process that includes an initial interview with staff, submission of an online application, a possible site visit, and approval by The Memorial Foundation’s Board of Trustees. For additional information, please see How to Apply, Decision Process, and Grant Performance Evaluation.