Decision Process

The Memorial Foundation’s fiscal year is on the calendar year. The Board of Trustees meets throughout the year to fulfill its responsibilities in approving grants for nonprofit organizations.

The Foundation’s Board of Trustees makes their decisions based on findings and recommendations prepared for them by the Foundation staff. Contact by applicants with members of the Board of TrusteesĀ is not necessary.

Each applicant will be notified in writing soon after a decision on a proposal has been made. Because of limited funds, many requests cannot be funded.

If a grant award is authorized, the grantee is asked to sign a Grant Agreement (Contract) that describes the purpose and conditions of the grant. Funds are disbursed to grantees on a timely basis.

The Foundation requests that only one grant application be submitted during a twelve-month period.

The Memorial Foundation requests that it be informed of any publicity or news releases concerning awarded grants. The inclusion of the Foundation’s name in a listing of annual supporters is appreciated.