Tennessee Foreign Language Institute

How To Apply

Prior to submitting a grant, an organization must contact the Foundation and arrange a brief meeting to determine the potential eligibility of the request. At this meeting, the Foundation staff will explain the procedure for applying for a grant. This is necessary for each grant request.

At the time a grant request is made, the applicant must provide the following information:

1. Complete The Memorial Foundation's Grant Application Sheet (must be signed by CEO). This Application Sheet is available in Microsoft Word format by clicking here.

2. Written narrative of grant request (limited to three pages) that should include:

  • Brief history (including date established) and statement of purpose of the organization. Include brief overview of nature and scope of programs, services and people served.
  • Brief description of request for which funding is requested.
  • Brief overview of project planand timetables.
  • How the request relates to the organization's long-term plans and priorities.
  • Why the request is needed and the impact it will have on the organization and the community.
  • Source of funding commitments received and pending to date. Include the Board of Director's participation in fundraising and commitment of financial support to the organization.
  • How the request will affect the organization's future operating budget (expenses and revenues). Include financial plan for future sustainability.

3. In addition to the Application Sheet and the grant request written narrative, the following attachments must be provided:

  • Board of Directors roster with name and company affiliation (one page listing).
  • Itemized budget for the request and a current operating budget for the organization.
  • Most recent financial audit. If most current year-end financial statements have not yet been audited, include most current, unaudited year-end financial statements. Include report of any internal control related matters identified in the financial audit.
  • Internal Revenue Service determination letter confirming the Organization's tax-exempt status (not necessary if this letter has been provided in previous grant applications).
Meetings and site visits may be scheduled with applicant organization by the Foundation as appropriate.
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