Message from the President

Dear Friends,

Our 25th anniversary celebration last year was a time to reflect on The Foundation’s beginnings, to share memories of our work during the past quarter century, and to rededicate ourselves to our mission to invest in the quality of life of people in our community.

This year’s annual report is a testament to that rededication. We are highlighting exceptional grant recipients achieving transformational outcomes for those they serve. The Foundation invests in strong local nonprofit agencies – awarding 231 grants in 2019 alone – because of their successful record of providing pathways to opportunity. Pathways that lead to hope and healing.

We have learned over our 26-year-history that, in order to bring about long-term transformational change, we must support agencies that are focused on addressing the root causes of the many chronic issues plaguing our community. Change that can break the cycle of dependency. Change that can alter the trajectory of a hopeless journey.

Middle Tennessee is blessed with strong nonprofits that work together to be nimble and responsive to the needs of our community. These organizations continuously evaluate the effectiveness of their program services, determined to achieve long-term outcomes that empower and equip their clients to reach their full potential.

The work is not easy, but, when successful, is life-changing and can have a ripple effect for generations to come. We hope you are as inspired by their stories as we are.

Most sincerely,

Scott S. Perry