Message from the President

Dear Friends,

It’s the letters we receive that never cease to amaze us.  As we celebrate 25 years of our unbroken commitment to fund the missions of extraordinary nonprofit organizations in our community, we think about the heartfelt expressions of thanks that arrive at our office every year from the people behind those missions.

And every year, we wonder why they are thanking us when we should be thanking them.

These nonprofit leaders and their teams are the creators and doers who make our region’s reputation for warmth and generosity real.  They are the experts and innovators in the field, whether they’re providing affordable, high-quality healthcare to Nashville’s most medically vulnerable; delivering comprehensive support services for underserved families and children; or helping older adults navigate our rapidly changing world.

We simply invest in everything they accomplish on behalf of so many deserving people in our community.  Always keenly aware that our support is payment on a debt of gratitude, we have awarded 4,408 grants to 842 organizations totaling $161 million over the course of the last quarter century.

It all started with the bright minds and big hearts of those who envisioned a foundation that would thoughtfully reinvest funds from the sale of Nashville Memorial Hospital back into the community.  Thus The Memorial Foundation was born in April 1994.

Every year since – under the stewardship of a board whose membership has been remarkably consistent and dedicated – the assets of the foundation have grown, the number of grants has grown, the number of organizations funded has grown, and the total investment in our community has grown.

So, as we mark our 25th year of funding the greatest nonprofit organizations in the nation, this year’s annual report is our thank you letter to them.  And to the people they serve.  We exist because they exist.  And because they show every sign of growing in service to our community, we renew our unbroken promise to grow in service to them.

Most sincerely,

Scott S. Perry                                       Frank Grace, Jr.                                                                                                                          President                                               Board Chair